Classic vs. Volume Lashes, Which Style is Best for You

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Classic vs Volume Lashes: Which style is best for you?

Classic vs Volume Lashes Which style is best for you (1)


A single or classic lash usually consists of one single extension attached directly to one natural lash. To create more volume, the lash tech can apply a few extension hairs to one natural lash called a fan lash or volume lash. So how to choose the suitable lash extensions for you? Classic vs. Volume Lashes: Which style is best for you? Please read follow words:

What are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are an easy and budget-friendly technique. It involves attaching one eyelash extension to each natural eyelash. The technician dips the artificial lash in the adhesive in the first place. Then, they apply it on top of your natural lash. They keep doing it until all your lashes are covered. Ultimately, your lashes get curly and lengthy and preserve their natural appeal. This technique requires little skill to do and is more budget-friendly. You will spend 1.5 to 2 hours in the beauty salon. It’s significantly less than in the case of other eyelash extension techniques.

Classic lashes


What are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Volume eyelash extensions focus on making your lashes voluminous and dramatic-looking. The technician applies two or more artificial lashes to one individual natural lash. Usually, the technician makes the extensions into a bouquet by hand before applying them. These bouquets are also called fans. First of all, the lash artist applies glue on the fan. Then, they attach the fan to the natural lash. The whole process can last from 2 to 4 hours. It all depends on the artist’s experience and the number of lashes in a bouquet.

Volume Lashes


How are Classic Lashes Different?

You will get one extension for each natural lash if you choose classic lashes. This type of technology allows you to preserve the authentic look of your lashes. It will be hard to detect the presence of false hair. Some people may think you are lucky to have such naturally long lashes. If you want to add volume to your lashes, the classic technique won’t help. Classic lashes take less time to apply and have a lower price.


How are Volume Lashes Different?

Unlike classic lashes, volume lashes make your lashes more voluminous, dense, and noticeable. The dramatic enhancement might make your lashes look unnatural. So if you want to keep the natural appeal, go for classic extensions. Volume lashes have a different setup and application. They come in the form of bouquets that contain two or more artificial lashes. The technician applies an individual bouquet to a natural lash. Due to a more complex application, volume lashes are more expensive. Here is a video to help you better understand the difference.


Which is Better, Classic or Volume Lashes?

It’s hard to determine which lash extension is better. It all depends on personal preferences and budget. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, classic lashes boast fast application, low price, and natural appearance. Volume extensions provide a more dramatic look and last longer. Analyze all pros and cons thoroughly and choose the product that suits you best.


Which Lash Technique is Best for You?

If you are new to eyelash extensions, you should start your journey with classic lashes. It will help you get a general feel for the treatment. You will spend less time in the lash chair and pay less money. Alternatively, go for light-volume lashes containing 2 or 3 lashes. Choose volume lashes if you want to make your lashes bigger and more attractive.

Opt for mega-volume extensions if you are eager to have extremely voluminous lashes. Here a bouquet has 6 or more lashes. However, you have to be careful with this immense set. The technician must check if your lashes are healthy and durable enough. If they are too weak, they will not support the weight of the extensions.


Do Volume or Classic Lashes Last Longer?

Yes, volume lashes last longer than classic lashes. The volume fans provide a larger adherence surface to your natural eyelash. It results in a more secure bond. Volume lashes last for up to 8 weeks. Classic extensions last from 4 to 6 weeks.


Do Classic Lashes Look Natural?

Classic lashes are the most natural-looking type of eyelash extensions. The main reason is using a single extension for each natural lash. As a result, the lashes are sparse and thin. This gives the impression of length naturally-grown eyelashes.


Why are Classic Lashes Better than Volume?

Volume lashes are mostly suitable for special occasions. Classic lashes are more flexible and perfect for daily use. You can wear them while cooking, cleaning, or working in the office. They are also the quickest and cheapest extension type. In addition, they are lighter and offer you more comfort. Your eyes will not get tired when wearing them.


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