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Partner with reliable RY Lashes Factory Supplier of premium cluster lashes.

Customize your cluster lashes to meet your brand’s unique needs.

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About RY Lashes Factory

Reliable Cluster Lashes Factory Supplier for Beauty Brands

At RY Lashes Factory, we excel as a top manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cluster lashes. We strive to be a leading cluster lash supplier with budget-friendly prices and a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), catering to both established lash beauty businesses and startup eyelash makeup brands.

Cluster lashes have the characteristics of strip lashes but provide a more natural look when applied with a thick base for easy use. Our cluster eyelashes are crafted from the finest materials-Korean PBT materails, ensuring durability and comfort.

Choose RY Lashes Factory as your cluster lashes vendor for trusted quality, customization options, private labels your lash brand, and reliable service.

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Our Premium Cluster Lashes

Premium Cluster Lashes – Our Individual Cluster Lashes are crafted from high-quality PBT, a hypoallergenic, durable, and flexible material. Featuring a thin hot melt band and a knot-free design, these lashes are soft, lightweight, and natural-looking. The fibers are arranged to mimic natural lashes, providing an instantly defined look and comfortable wear.

individual cluster lashes

individual cluster lashes

  • Customized Logo & Packaging
  • Thickness: 0.07MM
  • Style: 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D
  • Curl: J, B, C, D, DD
cluster lash kit

Cluster Lash Kit

  • Item: DIY Cluster Lash
  • Material: Korean PBT Fiber
  • Type: 100% Hand Made
  • Length: 8mm-12mm or Customized
  • OEM/ODM: Support Custom Logo Private Label Packaging
30D 40D Cluster Lash Kit

30D 40D Cluster Lash Kit

  • Item: DIY Segmented Lashes
  • Band Type: Black Band
  • Length: 8mm-25mm or Customized
  • Curl: C, D or Customized
  • Private Label, Custom Logo & Packaging

Quality Cluster Lashes at Affordable Prices

Your Premier Cluster Lashes Manufacturer

At RY Lashes Factory, we specialize in private label cluster lashes designed and developed for your business and make it easy for you to create your own lash beauty brand of cluster lashes. We offer over 70 styles of DIY lash extensions and packaging options to create your own lash brand and boost your lash business!

To help you get started, we provide free lash samples so you can see the quality and style you can expect from us.If you’re ready to start your business, check out our private label services and contact us.

Your Amazing DIY Lash Extension Kit Supplier

RY Lashes Factory is a top DIY Cluster Lashes supplier from China. We specialize in making high-quality cluster eyelash extensions, offering a variety of lash styles to meet your needs.

We offer OEM and ODM services, allowing you to have your private label cluster eyelashes logo and customized packaging. We welcome you to visit our lash factory and look forward to a successful partnership.

DIY Lash Extension Kit
30D 40D Cluster Lash Kit


Customizable to fit any eye shape

individual cluster lashes

Updated Fibers

High-quality materials ensure softness, thickness, and durability.

cluster lash kit

Everyday Use

2 in1 lash bond and seal design is convenient and efficient.

Your Reliable Lash Vendor

Why Choose RY Lashes Factory

Our DIY Cluster eyelashes are crafted from premium Black PBT Material imported from Korea by handmade, soft, light and natural black look that seamlessly blends with your real lashes without appearing too shiny.

Soft & Light

Comfortable to wear, Natural Look, Soft& Light-weight

Quality Material

Premium Black PBT Material imported from Korea

Water Proof

Not easy to fall off, No residue left, Easy to clean and maintain, Convenient and Time-saving

Mix Styles

Mixed cluster lash styles and lengths for your choices

Private Label Your Cluster Lash Brand

At RY Lashes Factory, we offer a great private label cluster lash extension service. We’re more than just a supplier; we’re your partner.We help you with designing DIY lash brands for free. Just share your logo idea, and we’ll make and create a standout lash brand logo for you. You deserve great service, and RY Lashes Factory is your best choice for private-label eyelashes. With our private label service, you can show off your brand’s identity with our premium labels.

Private Label Your Cluster Lash Brand​

Wide Range of Lash Styles

RY Lashes Factory offers over 65 cluster lash styles, customizable to fit any eye shape. You can use different lengths of lash clusters to create various styles like cat-eye, fan-eye, doll-eye, dramatic-eye, natural, fluffy, and more. Achieve the perfect extension look with your private label DIY lash extension kit and our wide range of lash styles.

Customized Packaging

Customizable Cluster Eyelash Kits with RY Lashes Factory, You can choose your preferred packaging for your cluster eyelash kit. We offer options with 3 lines, 5 lines, 12 lines, and more. We also accept customized logos to make your brand stand out.

Private Label Your Cluster Lash Brand​

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