Top 10 Eyelash Extensions Wholesalers in USA

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Top 10 Eyelash Extensions Wholesalers in the USA

Top 10 Eyelash Extensions Wholesalers in USA

Finding the right supplier is as challenging as choosing lash extension products and setting up your lash business. In the United States, thousands of people want to buy various products. However, each person’s requirements differ because of age, gender, or background. This is valid for finding and purchasing products like Skinception Eyelash Xtra, Xtreme Lashes, and PerfecTint. Buying eyelash extensions wholesale is also something that many people do as well. This article will discuss top eyelash extension wholesalers in the USA.


RY Lashes are a wholesale eyelash supplier and factory from China that produces and sells mink and synthetic lashes in bulk. They offer lash extensions, strip lashes, magnetic lashes, faux mink lashes, silk lashes, and so on. Their products are handmade by their staff of professional lash technicians. They offer customers the option of ordering just one pack of lashes or buying in bulk to save money on shipping costs. And also can connect the RY Lashes team to private label your lash.


2. Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes is one of the most recognized and respected wholesale companies in the eyelash extension industry. They offer a wide range of products, including eyelash extensions, applicators, lashes, adhesives, and more. This company is genuinely dedicated to offering high-quality lashes beauty products and beauty services at an affordable price. Their mission is to inspire others to become successful entrepreneurs by helping them reach their goals through education and training.

Xtreme Lashes offers several lash extensions, including synthetic mink, silk mink, silk classic, and silk volume. They provide quality products that are easy to use, so you can spend less time applying lashes and more time relaxing in front of your mirror.


3. The Lash Professional

The Lash Professional is an industry leader in selling wholesale eyelash extensions and top-quality products for the beauty industry. They carry a wide selection of products, including mink lashes, silk lashes, and faux mink lashes. They also carry a variety of lash applicators, adhesives, and other products that help you get the style you want.

The Lash Professional offers competitive pricing on all of its high-quality products. You can find great deals on wholesale eyelash extensions and other popular beauty products like makeup brushes and nail polish removal pads.

The Lash Professional has been in business since 2003 and has grown yearly to become one of the most trusted names in the beauty industry today. They have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau due to their excellent customer service and quick order delivery online or over the phone.


4. Lash Affair

Lash Affair is a leader in the eyelash extension industry, providing top-quality products and services at affordable prices. The company is dedicated to offering its customers the best quality eyelash extensions and a safe, clean environment. With over 20 years of experience, Lash Affair has perfected its craft to ensure every customer leaves with beautiful, natural-looking lashes.


5. Bella Lash

Bella Lash is another famous company that sells wholesale eyelashes online to salons and beauty professionals worldwide. The company provides various types of lashes, including silk, mink, and synthetic lashes. The products are available in different lengths, thicknesses, and curl chord patterns fit best your needs or style. The prices are also affordable, making them ideal for those who want to save money yet still get high-quality lashes at wholesale prices.


6. Lavish Lashes

Lavish Lashes is a well-known and popular eyelash extension wholesaler to enhance your eyes’ beauty. They have a wide range of products, which include synthetic and human hair lashes, eyelash curlers, lash adhesives, tweezers, and more. Their products are affordable and reliable in quality.

Lavish Lashes have been in business for many years and is one of the USA’s top 10 eyelash extension wholesalers. They provide their customers with high-quality products at affordable prices.

The company offers various products to help you achieve the look you want. They offer synthetic and mink lashes for sale, eyelash curlers, lash adhesives, tweezers, and more. Their products are reasonably priced, making them one of the most sought-after brands worldwide.


7. Lash Box LA

Lash Box LA is a brand new company, but it’s already making a name for itself in the eyelash extension industry. We have the best quality products and services at great prices. The Lash Box LA team is trained to give you the best experience possible. Lash Box LA ensures that every client is satisfied before they leave our salon. When you visit us, you’ll be welcome by friendly staff, who will ensure you get everything you need from us.

Lash Box LA’s mission is to provide high-quality eyelashes at an affordable price and want their lash customers to be able to buy their extensions without having to worry about breaking their budget or spending too much money on them. If you want natural long lashes, we are here for you!

Lash Box LA offers all kinds of lashes, including mink, silk, or synthetic lashes, depending on your preferences, and many other accessories like brushes and glue to keep up with your new look.


8. Yegi Beauty

Yegi Beauty is a wholesale lash extension supplier that offers a wide range of products and services. The company specializes in eyelash extensions, strip lashes, lash extensions glues, and more. Yegi Beauty also provides clients with high-quality products at affordable prices.

The company has been around since 2007, which makes it one of the oldest wholesale lash extension suppliers in the United States. Yegi Beauty has been serving thousands of customers worldwide by providing them with the best quality products and services at competitive prices. been featured in many magazines, including Allure, People Style Watch, and Fashionista.


9. GladGirl

GladGirl is a wholesale eyelash extension distributor. We offer high-quality eyelashes, including mink and synthetic fibers. GladGirl products are sold to salons, spas, beauty supply stores, and the best online retailers. We specialize in wholesale hair extensions and offer our customers the prices.

GladGirl products include eyelash extensions, classic lash extensions, lash glue, and accessories. GladGirl aim to provide our clients with high-quality products at affordable prices so they can continue to grow their lash beauty businesses without breaking the bank.


10. NovaLash

NovaLash is a professional eyelash extension company that offers a variety of lash extension products and services to meet the needs of both consumers and professionals. NovaLash is known for creating high-quality products that professional stylists and consumers can use. Intent addition to lash extensions, they also carry an assortment of other products, including eyelash curlers, tweezers, and more.

NovaLash offers stylists three types of eyelashes: individual lashes, cluster lashes, and eyelash extensions. Individual lashes are made from synthetic fibers attached directly to the natural lash with a medical adhesive.


Wrapping Up

Make sure you’re getting the best quality eyelash extensions at the most affordable prices by using our list of the top 10 eyelash extensions wholesalers in the USA.

Based on 10 years of experience, RY Lashes is confident in their ability to help you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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