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How prep and clean lash before lash extension?

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Before starting lash extensions service, Prep&clean our lashes is essential. How prep and clean our lashes? Lash bath via micellar water is primarily part, it’s going to help clients with retention throughout the day they may touch lashes they may wear mascara eye shadow, so our micellar water will help with the mascara, and makeup remove and then the lash bath is going to give a deep clean and get all the oils out and make eyelashes fans stay open and fluffy.

How do use micellar water to do a lash bath that helps get off any makeup oil build-up anything like?

First, put the eye pads on as if doing a regular lash service and then use the micellar water to get the makeup off, take little lip wands, take the micellar water on top of the lashes, and go down with the way of the lashes gently and keep doing. When they keep working there, the eye pads will eventually get that grey makeup on there, and so when they turn grey, you know that all the makeup is off.

And mascara is always hidden between the bands and natural lashes; make sure to get all that mascara off. Because if that mascara is on there, it’s going to cling to that lash base, and it’s going to break down the glue’s bond in the natural lash, which will cause your clients to have poor extensions.

Take a soft bristle brush and go down with the way of the lashes, it gets all that oil build-up out, and it makes your fans fluffy and opens them back up and removes all that excess oil that builds up throughout the day. Brushes are great, super soft, so it’s not be irritating her eyes at all. But once the cleanser is really in the eyes, take a bit squeezy bottle with water, and then tilt the client’s head a little bit more and take some water rinse cleanser off.

How to dry the lash after the lash bath?

We will use a little fan and keep fanning and brushing until they’re dehydrated; fans are nice and open again.

Above is the profound clean way for lash extensions.

If you need a question about prep and prime your clients’ lash baths, please comment in the section below, let us discuss, and help.


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