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3D Private Label Natural Magnetic Lashes

No more glues with this easy to apply silk false magnetic lashes

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Black Cotton


Comfortable Flexible Handmade


Synthetic Fibers


Customized Package


1~10 Pairs

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Product: 3D Private Label Natural Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Eyelashes are made of Grade A fiber that is ultra-soft and long to cover the entire eye area.
Waterproof, smudge-resistant, and long-lasting, Magnetic Eyeliner is perfect for any occasion.
Magnetic eyelashes are incredibly easy to wear with a specially designed alloy applicator.

No messy glues or adhesives are required to apply the magnetic eyelashes. Thanks to the glue-free design, you will not have to worry about irritation to your eyes or damage to your natural eyelashes.

A Natural and Beautiful Look

Fashionable eyelashes can make you look natural and beautiful. Put on these thin and long false eyelashes, and your eyes will look bigger, brighter, more attractive, and naturally gorgeous.

Product Highlights:

  • Magnetic Eyelashes Band: Magnetic eyelash bands are made of soft cotton and built-in inner corner magnets.
  • Customized Magnets: The number of magnets can be customized. 3 magnets, 5 magnetics, 6 magnetics, and 10 magnetics are available.
  • Magnetic Eyeliner: The magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit has a special eyeliner containing-fine magnetic particles that let the magnetic eyelash connect easily
  • Easy-to-Use: Apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would any other liquid eyeliner, then add the magnetic eyelash right on top.
  • All-Day, Long-Lasting: Magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit are durable and robust. Moreover, it resists fading and is waterproof.
  • Quick Private Labeling: You can choose a magnetic lashes kit packaging box and print your custom logo on it or custom your-own lashes kit packaging box.

How RY Lashes Factory Make Fake Lashes?​

RY Lashes Factory offers OEM and ODM services at the best price. We have designed more than 1000+ fashion fake lashes. Our designers can design styles based on customer needs and different fashion trends.

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