Private Label Custom 3 Pairs Wispy Magnetic Eyelashes & Liner

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Custom 3 Pairs Wispy Magnetic Eyelashes and Liner

Different styles of magnetic eyelashes, longer, gorgeous, natural lashes for any occasion

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Black Cotton


Comfortable Flexible Handmade


Synthetic Fibers


Customized Package


3 Pairs

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Product: Custom 3 Pairs Wispy Magnetic Eyelashes and Liner

RY Lashes is one of the top manufacturers and exporters of magnetic lashes in China, which is funded for 8 years, has Strict Quality control one by one before delivery, passed FDA, SGS, BV/SMETA/SA8000 Certifications.

Our magnetic eyelashes are made of high-quality and synthetic fibers, giving a natural, softer and bold look that frames the eye, they come in different lengths and high-strength tiny magnets make eyelashes highly curved giving you that natural look and all-day long-lasting.

Our magnetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles, which can effectively absorb magnetic eyelashes, or can be used as liquid eyeliner alone. It’s waterproof, sweatproof, and not dizzy.

  • Handmade Cruelty-Free synthetic fibers lashes
  • Band: 100% cotton band no harm to your eyes.
  • Private label custom synthetic fibers magnetic eyelashes, OEM/ODM Service
  • Packaging: customized or standard package of choice
  • Sample: Available for each type of lashes
  • Type: 100% handmade product, lightweight more comfortable
  • Wholesale Price synthetic fibers magnetic eyelashes

How RY Lashes Factory Make Fake Lashes?​

RY Lashes Factory offers OEM and ODM services at the best price. We have designed more than 1000+ fashion fake lashes. Our designers can design styles based on customer needs and different fashion trends.

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