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RY Lashes Magnetic Lashes With Liner

Reusable Magnetic lashes with liner kits are Quick & Easy for you. 

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Black Cotton


Comfortable Flexible Handmade


Synthetic Fibers


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1~10 Pairs

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Product: RY Lashes Magnetic Lashes With Liner

Magnetic lashes with liner set are combined with magnetic eyelashes and magnetic liner that contains metal particles to form the bond. With our magnetic eyelashes, you will not need any sticky glue, and your natural lashes are better protected.

RY Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit has magnetic liquid eyeliner and magnetic false eyelashes in a value factory-priced starter kit. We support wholesale private-label magnetic eyelashes.

Here you can wholesale over 1000 different magnetic eyelash types. Also, your brand can be printed on lash boxes to start your own lash business.


Advantages of our Magnetic fake lashes with liner set: 

  • Reusable Magnetic lashes with liner kits are Quick & Easy for you. 
  • Passed Dermatologist Tested, you don’t have to worry about eyes allergy. 
  • Wind-Resistant, with strong magnets, you can wear lashes anywhere. 
  • No-Smudge, fake lashes and the magnetic liner will be packed in special boxes, and you will get clean beauty products.


Features of our Magnetic fake eyelashes with liner kit: 

  • Magnetic eyeliner: special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to connect easily, glide on like liquid eyeliner, and keep lashes secure from day to night.
  • Magnetic Eyelashes: with enhanced & intensified magnetism, Magnetic Faux Mink Lashes have Double Strength Magnets.
  • Custom Magnets: 3 magnets, 5 magnets, 6 magnets, 10 magnetic, and 12 magnets are available for wholesale.
  • Custom Pairs: magnetic lashes set can be customized to your design, 1 pair of lashes, 5 pairs, or even 10 pairs of lashes.


How RY Lashes Factory Make Fake Lashes?​

RY Lashes Factory offers OEM and ODM services at the best price. We have designed more than 1000+ fashion fake lashes. Our designers can design styles based on customer needs and different fashion trends.

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