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How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Glue?

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Lash extensions are a popular beauty trend, and they can be a great way to enhance your natural lashes and create a fuller, more dramatic look. However, choosing a suitable lash extension glue is crucial to ensure that your lashes stay in place and don’t cause any irritation or damage to your eyes.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best lash extension glue. In this article, we’ll explore these factors and provide tips on choosing suitable glue for your lash extensions and applying it correctly. 

  • Type of Glue

There are two main types of lash extension glue: cyanoacrylate-based and acrylic-based. Cyanoacrylate-based glue is the most common type of lash extension glue known for its strong bond and quick-drying properties. It’s also more flexible than acrylic-based glue, which can be a plus for sensitive eyes.

On the other hand, acrylic-based glue is less common but is often preferred by those with sensitive skin or allergies to cyanoacrylate. It’s also less prone to causing irritation or redness around the eyes.

  • Drying Time

The drying time of the glue is an essential factor to consider, as it can affect how long it takes to apply the lashes and how long they will stay in place. Generally, quick-drying glues are preferred as they allow faster application and less waiting time between lashes.

However, it’s important to note that some quick-drying glues can be more challenging, as they only allow a slight adjustment once the lashes are applied. Slower-drying glues can be more forgiving but may take longer to apply and not hold the lashes.

Best Eyelash Extension Glue

  • Glue Strength

The strength of the glue is another essential factor to consider when choosing a lash extension glue. A strong bond is necessary to ensure the lashes stay in place, but it’s essential not to use too strong glue, as it can damage the natural lashes or cause eye irritation.

It’s best to choose a glue with a medium-strength bond that is strong enough to hold the lashes in place but not so strong that it’s difficult to remove the extensions when needed.

  • Viscosity

The viscosity of the glue refers to its thickness or how easily it flows. A thicker, more viscous glue can be easier to work with as it’s less likely to run or drip during application. However, it can also be more difficult to spread evenly and may take longer to dry.

A thinner, less viscous glue can be easier to spread evenly but may be more prone to running or dripping during application. Choosing a viscosity that works well with your technique and experience level is essential.

  • Ingredients

It’s essential to check the ingredients in the lash extension glue to ensure they are safe for use around the eyes. Look for glues that are free from formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

You should also check for any ingredients you may be allergic to and avoid using glues containing them.

  • Brand Reputation

Lastly, it’s essential to choose a reputable brand when it comes to lash extension glue. Look for brands with a good industry reputation and have been tested and approved by lash extension professionals.

Reading reviews from other users and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can also help you choose a reliable and safe brand.


How to Apply Lash Extension Glue Correctly?

Want to know the best way to apply lash extension glue? Keep reading; we got some best tips for you. 

  • Preparing the Lashes

Before applying for lash extensions, preparing the natural lashes properly is essential. It includes cleaning the lashes with a lash cleanser or a mild, oil-free cleanser to remove debris, oils, or makeup. 

The next step is to isolate the natural lashes by using a lash tool to separate them. It helps ensure that each extension is attached to a single natural lash, preventing clumping and damage. 

When selecting extension length and curl, choosing appropriate ones for the client’s natural lashes and eye shape is essential. Lastly, you need to tape down the lower lashes with microfoam tape to prevent them from getting caught in the glue or the extensions.

  • Applying the Glue

When applying lash extension glue, choosing the right amount is essential to avoid overloading or underloading the extension. A small dot of glue is usually sufficient for each extension. 

You should also apply the glue to the extension rather than the natural lash to avoid contact with the skin, which can cause irritation or allergies. Waiting for the glue to dry for a few seconds before attaching the extension to the natural lash is essential. 

Curing the glue properly is also crucial for a strong bond. You can use a nano mister or a fan to speed up the curing process, but be careful not to apply too much moisture or airflow, which can cause the glue to dry too quickly or not adhere properly.

  • Placing the Lash Extensions

The proper placement of lash extensions is critical to achieving a natural, complete look. Begin by applying the extensions to the inner corner of the eye and work your way outwards. 

Use the appropriate tweezers for your technique, and be gentle when placing the extensions to avoid damaging the natural lashes. 

Each extension should be placed close to the base of the natural lash without touching the skin. Ensure the glue is completely dry before moving on to the next extension.



In conclusion, choosing the suitable lash extension glue is essential to achieving beautiful and long-lasting lash extensions. Consider the drying time, strength, and safety factors when selecting a glue. 

It is always essential to follow proper application techniques and maintenance and removal to avoid damage to the natural lashes. By adequately preparing the natural lashes, applying the glue correctly, and placing the extensions carefully, you can achieve a natural, full look that enhances the eyes. 

Whether you are a professional lash technician or an enthusiast looking to try lash extensions at home, choosing the suitable glue and following these tips can help you achieve the perfect look while keeping your natural lashes healthy and strong.


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