What Is The Difference Between Volume & Mega Volumes Lashes?

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What Is The Difference Between Volume & Mega Volumes Lashes?

Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

The Difference Between Volume & Mega Volumes Lashes

Lash extensions have become increasingly popular, offering a convenient way to achieve longer, thicker-looking lashes. Two common types are volume and mega volume lash extensions, which differ in technique, thickness, and dramatic effect. 

Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

Volume lashes aim for a fuller, more natural look, while mega volume lashes create a dramatic, glamorous effect. While both enhance the look of your natural lashes, choosing the right type is essential based on your desired style and preference. 

Understanding the critical differences between volume and mega-volume lashes is essential to achieve the desired look and ensuring the extensions’ comfort and longevity. This article explores the basics of these two lash extension types, highlighting their key differences in technique, density, thickness, and application time.


Technical Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

Volume and mega volume lashes are two popular styles of eyelash extensions. Also, the main difference is the number of lash extensions applied to one natural lash. Volume lashes typically use 2 to 5 extensions per natural lash, while mega volume uses 6 or more extensions, creating a fuller, more dramatic look.

Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

  • Application Process: Fanning vs. Stacking

Volume lashes are applied using a fanning technique, where multiple lightweight extensions are fanned out from one natural lash. 

Mega volume lashes use a stacking technique, layering multiple extensions on top of each other along the natural lash to build increased volume and drama. Stacking requires a more skilled lash artist to ensure proper attachment and a natural look.

  • Volume Measurement: Number of Lash Extensions per Fan

As noted above, the key difference in volume and mega volume is the number of extensions applied per natural lash. Volume styles typically use 2 to 5 extensions, while mega volume uses 6 or more extensions for maximum volume and length.

  • Curl and Thickness Options

Both volume and mega volume lashes come in various curls, from more natural looking ‘J’ curls and ‘L’ curls to more dramatic ‘C’ curls and ‘D’ curls. 

Both also come in different thicknesses ranging from 0.03mm for a natural look up to 0.30mm for maximum volume. Thinner extensions provide more flexibility and a softer look, while thicker extensions offer more drama and fullness.

Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

  • Maintenance and Lifespan Expectations

Due to the number of extensions applied, mega volume lashes typically require more frequent maintenance to avoid the extensions becoming damaged or the natural lashes overburdened. Mega volume lashes may need fills every 2-3 weeks. 

Volume lashes can typically go 3 to 4 weeks between fills. The lifespan of both styles varies, but usually, 3-6 weeks for volume and 2-4 weeks for mega volume before a complete removal and reapplication is required.


Stylistic Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes 

So, now let’s discuss a little about the styles difference between volume and mega volume lashes. 

Overall Look and Feel: Natural vs. Dramatic

Volume lashes provide a more natural, subtle enhancement, while mega volume lashes create a bold, dramatic look. Volume lashes add fullness while still looking relatively natural; mega volume lashes provide maximum volume and fullness for a dramatic, glamorous style.

Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

Eye Shape and Face Symmetry Considerations

Volume lashes tend to suit most eye shapes and facial features, providing a modest enhancement. Mega volume lashes may not suit all eye or face shapes, and symmetry can be more challenging due to the fullness. Volume lashes can be tailored to balance facial features and complement a more comprehensive range of beauty looks.

Customization Options: Length, Curl, Thickness, and Color

Both volume and mega volume lashes can be customized in length, curl, thickness, and color. However, volume lashes typically provide more flexibility to create a bespoke look due to the more natural result. 

Shorter, thinner, lighter curls and colors for volume lashes can achieve a customizable yet natural style. Mega-volume lashes are more limited if a natural result is desired.

Suitability for Various Occasions and Settings

Volume lashes are suitable for everyday wear and special occasions due to their natural and flexible style. Mega volume lashes create a glamorous look better suited to evening events and special occasions. 

Volume lashes transition well between a natural daytime look and an evening style with other eye makeup. Mega volume lashes demand dramatic makeup and style to match the bold look.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

When choosing between volume and mega volume eyelash extensions, here are some essential factors to consider :

Personal Preferences and Style Goals: 

The volume and mega volume eyelash extension techniques produce different looks. Volume extensions provide a fuller, fluffier look while still looking natural. 

Mega volume extensions produce a dramatic, voluminous look for a bolder style. Consider whether you prefer a more natural style or want to make a dramatic statement with your lashes.

Natural Lash Health and Strength: 

Your natural lash health and strength are essential for the extensions that will work best for you. Volume extensions weigh slightly more than classic extensions, and mega volumes weigh the most.

If you have naturally thin or weak lashes, the heavier volume or mega volume extensions could damage your natural lashes over time. It is best to discuss your lash health with your stylist to determine the most appropriate and safe option.

Budget and Time Constraints: 

Volume and mega volume eyelash extensions require more skill, time, and products to apply 

compared to classic extensions. As such, volume and mega volume extension appointments typically cost more and require lengthier application sessions. 

Also, consider how much you can budget for your eyelash extensions and how much time you want to dedicate to your initial application and touch-up appointments.

Professional Recommendations and Expertise: 

The best way to determine which eyelash extension technique is good for you is to consult a certified eyelash extension stylist. They have the expertise to evaluate your natural lash health, style goals, and other factors to recommend volume, mega volume, or classic extensions. 

They may even suggest a custom mix of extension types to give you a look you want while using the most suitable and safest technique for your natural lashes. An experienced stylist will ensure you get the best results from your eyelash extensions.


How to Decide Which Lash Extension Style Is Right for You

Volume eyelash extensions provide a fuller, fluffier look while still appearing natural. Mega volume eyelash extensions offer a highly dramatic, voluminous style for making a bold statement.

Volume extensions use multiple thinner extensions per natural lash and require more skill to apply. The mega volume uses the most extensions per lash for the most dramatic result.


Tips for Finding a Qualified Lash Extension Artist:

  • Check reviews from the stylist’s actual clients. Look for mentions of skill, professionalism, listening to client needs, and providing the desired results.
  • Confirm the stylist has been appropriately certified to apply the lash extension techniques you are interested in, e.g., volume and mega volume extensions. Certification requires significant training to perform these advanced techniques.
  • Schedule consultations with your top candidates. Discuss your style goals and the health of your natural lashes. Please take note of how well they listen and their recommendations. Ask to see photos of their work to determine if their skill level meets your needs.
  • Consider the entire experience, from skill to customer service, hygiene, and professionalism. Your eyelash extensions require care and precision and ongoing maintenance by the stylist every 2-3 weeks. Choose someone you fully trust and feel comfortable with.

Differences Between Volume and Mega Volume Lashes


Final Thoughts: 

Eyelash extensions are one of the best ways to enhance natural beauty without the daily hassle of applying mascara. When chosen and applied by a skilled professional and tailored to your unique styles, you can achieve subtle, bold, or anywhere-in-between results that look as natural or dramatic as you desire. The key is finding an experienced lash artist you connect with who can give you your perfect lash look.


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