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How to Do Lash Extensions For Beginners? A Comprehensive Guide

How to Do Lash Extensions For Beginners

How to Do Lash Extensions For Beginners

Lash extensions have gained immense popularity in recent years, as they offer individuals the ability to have longer and fuller lashes without the need for mascara or lash curlers. 

However, many people are hesitant to try lash extensions because they assume the process is complex and difficult. In reality, applying lash extensions is a skill that can be learned with practice and proper guidance.

How to Do Lash Extensions For Beginners A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to do lash extensions for beginners, along with some valuable tips and tricks to help you achieve beautiful results. 

Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast looking to try something new or a professional seeking to expand your skill set, this article equips you with the tools and knowledge required to master the art of lash extensions.


Tools and Materials

Before you begin, gather the necessary tools and materials:

  1. Eyelash extensions: Choose high-quality synthetic or natural fibers like silk or mink. They come in various lengths, thicknesses, curls, and colors.Do Lash Extensions For Beginners A Comprehensive Guide
  2. Adhesive: Opt for a professional-grade, semi-permanent lash extension glue.
  3. Tweezers: Get two pairs of tweezers—one straight and one curved—for precise application.
  4. Eyelash extension primer: This product cleanses and preps natural lashes.
  5. Adhesive remover: A gentle, oil-free remover is necessary for safely removing lash extensions.
  6. Gel eye pads protect the lower lashes and skin during application.
  7. Microfiber brushes: These small, disposable brushes apply primer and adhesive remover.
  8. Mascara wands: Use disposable mascara wands to comb through and separate the extensions.
  9. Magnifying glasses or a headset: These help improve visibility during application.


Step-by-Step Lash Extension Application

Step 1: Prepare the Workspace

Set up a clean, well-lit workspace with a comfortable chair for your client and a table to hold your tools and materials.

Step 2: Consultation

Discuss your client’s desired results, including lash length, curl, and thickness. Analyze their natural lashes and determine the most suitable extension style.

Step 3: Clean and Prep

Ask your client to remove any eye makeup before the appointment. Then, use a microfiber brush to apply the primer to their natural lashes, ensuring they’re clean and oil-free.

Step 4: Protect the Lower Lashes

Place gel eye pads under your client’s eyes to cover their lower lashes, ensuring they’re comfortable and the pads are securely in place.

Step 5: Apply for the Extensions

Begin by dipping the base of the extension into a small amount of adhesive. Next, use the straight tweezers to isolate a single natural lash and the curved tweezers to attach the extension about 1mm away from the lash line. Hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the adhesive to bond. Continue this process, working from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye, until all desired extensions have been applied.

How to Do Lash Extensions For Beginners

Step 6: Dry and Separate

After completing the application, dry the adhesive with a handheld fan or air blower. Then, use a mascara wand to gently comb through the extensions, separating any that may have stuck together.

Step 7: Final Inspection

Inspect your work, ensuring the extensions are well-separated and evenly distributed. Make any necessary adjustments or fill in gaps as needed.


Aftercare and Maintenance

Educate your client on proper aftercare, including:

  1. Avoid water, steam, and sweat for the first 24 hours after application.
  2. Refrain from using oil-based products around the eyes, as they can weaken the adhesive.
  3. Gently cleanse the lashes using a lash extension-safe cleanser.
  4. Brushing their extensions daily with a clean mascara wand.
  5. Scheduling regular touch-ups every 2-3 weeks to maintain their desired look.

How to Do Lash Extensions For Beginners


Mastering lash extensions takes practice, patience, and attention to detail. By following this guide and using high-quality tools and materials, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled lash technician. 

Remember to prioritize client safety, educate them on proper aftercare, and continuously refine your technique to achieve stunning, long-lasting results.


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