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The Benefits of Using Pre-made Fans Lashes

Benefits-of-Using-Pre-made-Fans Lash

Benefits of Using Pre-made Fans Lashes

There is a never-ending quest for perfection in the world of eyelash extensions. Lash artists are always looking for new techniques and tools to help them achieve the desired results of flawless and voluminous lashes. One tool that has gained huge popularity in recent years is pre-made fans.

Benefits of Using Pre-made Fans Lashes
Benefits of Using Pre-made Fans Lashes


These pre-made fans, also known as pre-fanned lashes, have revolutionized the lash extension industry, offering many benefits that make them the best choice for both lash artists and clients. This article will explore the advantages of using pre-made fans and how they can take your lash game to the next level.

So, if you are a lash artist looking to improve your skills or a client looking for the perfect set of lashes, keep reading to find out why pre-made fans are game-changers in eyelash extensions.


What are Pre-Made Fan Lashes? 

Pre-made fan lashes come organized in a curved shape, ready for quick application. Technicians apply the entire fan at once. In contrast, individual lashes require isolating, cutting, and positioning each lash separately. 

Fan lashes save time but lack the precision of individual lashes. When speed is prioritized over customization, fan lashes are a good option.


Advantages of Using Pre-made Fans

Time Savings 

Fan lashes require little individualization, significantly reducing application time, especially for beginners. Technicians can focus on proper placement rather than the tedious work of isolating, cutting, and positioning each lash. 

The more lashes needed for a set, the greater the time savings with fan lashes versus individuals. However, fan lashes sacrifice precise customization for speed. Individual lashes allow technicians to take their time for a highly customized result but require far more time and effort.

Benefits of Using Pre-made Fans
Benefits of Using Pre-made Fans



Each fan lash contains the same number and size, ensuring uniform density and fullness across a set with minimal adjustments. Even experienced technicians need help to achieve perfectly consistent results when applying individual lashes one by one. 

The structured nature of fan lashes leads to a more repeatable, symmetrical result. However, fan lashes cannot be customized to match subtle variations in clients’ natural lash densities the way individual lashes can. Some customization must be sacrificed for the benefits of consistency that fan lashes provide.



Fan lashes offer less precise customization for defined lash lines. Technicians can control fan lash volume but cannot isolate and position individual lashes as precisely as needed. Individual lashes allow technicians to meticulously shape and define lash lines for any eye shape or cat eye desire.

While time-intensive, individual lashes maximize creative control. A hybrid approach blending fan and individual lashes balances precision with efficiency. Individual lashes remain the gold standard for ultimate customization but require more time and skill to apply properly.


When to Consider Pre-Made Fans

Pre-made fans work best for achieving the following:

  • Fast, straightforward extensions for time-sensitive clients or busy days
  • Uniform fullness and volume when customizing to each lash line are less critical
  • A lush, feathered look for special occasions when a defined lash line is not the goal
  • A consistent result for photo or video shoots requiring matching lash density



Fan lashes offer benefits like time savings, consistency, and ease of use but sacrifice some precision and customization. Individual lashes provide the ultimate custom tailoring but require more time and effort. 

Consider clients’ desires to determine if fan lashes can fulfill their needs or if individual lashes are essential for the perfect result. With practice, a hybrid approach provides the best of both worlds: structured fan lashes for fullness balanced with individuals for precision. Focus on giving clients their desired look rather than the technique – to meet and exceed expectations.


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