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Creating Different Cat Eye Maps | 3 Strategies for Sculpting Stunning Cat Eye


Creating Different Cat Eye Maps


Cat eye mapping is a revolutionary technique in lash extensions that allows lash artists to create a diverse range of stunning looks, from subtle and natural to bold and glamorous. 

This technique involves manipulating the shape, thickness, and length of extensions to customize the cat eye effect based on each client’s unique preferences and features. This review will explore three mapping styles: Universal Mapping, Gradual Drop, and Curl Mix.

Creating Different Cat Eye Maps
Creating Different Cat Eye Maps


  • Universal Mapping

The Universal Mapping is a tried-and-true cat eye map that works harmoniously for almost any client. This style involves applying extensions symmetrically and evenly from the inner to outer corners of the lash line. 

By gradually increasing the thickness of the extensions towards the outer edges, the lash artist creates a tapered natural lash line, resulting in a subtle lift and a slight cat-eye effect. 

Universal Mapping offers a safe and reliable choice for clients seeking a more natural enhancement without being overly dramatic. It provides balance and symmetry, accentuating the eyes softly and subtly.

Creating Different Cat Eye Maps
Creating Different Cat Eye Maps


  • Gradual Drop Mapping 

The Gradual Drop mapping style is an excellent option for clients who desire a more dramatic and defined cat eye shape. Instead of applying extensions evenly, this technique employs a strategic and gradual angled drop from the inner edges outward. 

Lash artists create a dramatic diagonal curve that lifts and opens the eyes, starting with thinner extensions at the inner corners and progressively increasing the thickness as they move laterally. 

The Gradual Drop achieves an exaggerated cat eye map, adding a touch of exoticism to the eyes. This mapping style works particularly well for clients looking for a sculpted, defined, and attention-grabbing lash look that will turn heads.


  • Curl Mix Mapping 

The Curl Mix mapping style takes cat eye mapping to a new level by incorporating multiple curl styles to create a multidimensional and captivating effect. 

Building upon the foundation of the gradual drop map, the lash artist applies straight extensions in the inner and middle sections while using curled extensions on the outer edges. 

This contrast between the straight and curled lashes amplifies the dimension and lift of the cat’s eye shape, creating an intriguing and eye-catching look. By adding longer lashes on the outer edges, the Curl Mix enhances the overall impact, resulting in a striking yet wearable result. 

This mapping style is perfect for clients looking to make a bold and unique statement with their lash extensions.


Comparison of All 3 Styles

When comparing these mapping styles, it is essential to consider each client’s desired outcome and specific preferences. The Universal Mapping offers a more understated and natural enhancement that suits clients seeking a softer, subtler look. 

In contrast, the Gradual Drop provides a more pronounced and defined cat eye shape, making it an excellent choice for clients who crave a dramatic and sculpted appearance. 

On the other hand, the Curl Mix stands out as a truly unique option, creating a multidimensional and eye-catching effect that appeals to those seeking a bolder, more daring, and head-turning cat-eye look.

Creating Different Cat Eye Maps
Creating Different Cat Eye Maps



Cat eye mapping is an indispensable technique for lash artists who wish to create a versatile range of glamorous looks. Universal Mapping caters to clients seeking a subtle lift and a natural enhancement. 

Also, the Gradual Drop indulges those who desire a striking and sculpted cat eye shape. The Curl Mix exceeds expectations by providing a multidimensional and captivating effect. 

By experimenting with different mapping styles and customizing the shape, thickness, and length of extensions, lash artists can transform any eye shape into an irresistibly alluring feline gaze.


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