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How to Applying 3D Mink Lashes?

How to Applying 3D Mink Lashes

Enhance the beauty of your eyes and look gorgeous by understanding the step by step guide to using these wonderfully designed 3D Mink Lashes.

Using 3D Mink Lashes might require your concentration as it needs extra maintenance. However, false lashes add glamour and beauty to your eyes. Festivals and celebrations demand more confidence in your beauty.

Simply using these fake lashes can do wonders for your glamour and grace. You must research and choose the best quality product as the glue used on your eyes could be allergic.

Therefore you need to pick the best lashes that will not cause any damage to your skin and eyes. We have covered every detail about the beautiful beauty product in this article exclusively for your benefit.

Different types of 3D Mink Lashes

3D Strip Mink Lashes

You can choose the perfect eyelashes depending on your beauty makeup requirements. There is a wide range of choices introduced by the beauty industry. If you are looking for lashes that will add volume to your eyes, choose the Strip Fake eyelashes. These lashes are enchanting as they add exotic beauty and volume instantly to your eyes.

Individual 3D Mink Lashes

If you are not interested in getting a dramatic change but love looking naturally beautiful, you need to opt for these individual fake eyelashes. They are subtle and rich lashes for making you look pretty.

Cluster 3D Mink Lashes

The fake cluster lashes could be considered the ultimate choice for highlighting your eyes without exceeding the thickness of a drama queen. Cluster lashes balance your other facial makeup and make your eyes look perfectly beautiful. These are lighter and shorter on your eyes and withstand longer.

Step by step guide to using 3D Mink Lashes

Once you have completed your overall contour and foundation, then use mascara before curling those amazing fake eyelashes.  We have listed out step by step guidelines for your benefit.

Choosing the best fake eyelashes

Fake lashes are available in diverse colors, lengths, as strips, individual and cluster types. You can bring that dramatic fullness to your eyes by applying the complete strip fake lashes set. If you want a softer natural and winged style, opt for the individual fake eyelashes set.

Pick your favorite color

If you search for the best fake eyelashes that can be used every day as a routine, then dark brown or black is the best choice. At the same time, if you are picking a party at the same time as for an occasion celebration party makeup, then there is a wide array of gorgeous, fun colors displayed along with rhinestones or feathers, etc. Take time and choose the best color that suits your budget and creativity well.

Choosing the best eyelash adhesive

The fake eyelashes adhesive is also available in different varieties.  If you are a newbie, choose white eyelashes adhesive because it is clean when it dries. There are eyelashes with the instant adhesive applied already. However, buying a good quality adhesive for better application is better.


Check the thickness and length of the fake eyelashes and check if it requires any trimming before application. Hold it close to the eyelids and make sure the length is perfectly fitting and is not too long or wide. If they are longer, then trim them using a pair of scissors. Longer lashes can create an unattractive droopy eye. The lashes should be shorter in the inner areas of the eyes and longer on the outer layers, respectively. Trim accordingly.

Bend and shape the lashes

Before applying the adhesive, you must shape the fake eyelashes by bending them. It would be best if you bent them into the alphabet C shape. And then keep holding on to the lashes in that position for some time. This step will prevent your eyelashes from lifting annoyingly.

Grab your tweezer

You can apply the fake lashes using a tweezer or an applicator or even by using your fingers. Pick the best technique for an application that will be best and comfortable for you. The application method should hold the lashes smoothly and at the same time with a firm grip.

Apply your adhesive

Remember, you are not in a race to speed up this procedure, but perform it very slowly with care and caution. You can use a magnifying glass to confirm the best place where the eyelashes need to be placed. Apply the adhesive to the base of the lashes and on your eyelashes.

Avoid exposure to the eyelids and place it on the actual natural lash. Apply a small portion of glue using your finger or a toothpick. Hold the lash strip with a tweezer or applicator.



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