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What Benefits of Becoming Certified Lash Tech

What Benefits of Becoming a Certified Lash Tech

Lash technicians help make themselves and others feel more confident and beautiful by improving their performance in various ways by applying false lashes. Today’s world is constantly changing, so it’s important for people always to be learning new skills and knowledge about staying on different topics to ensure competence in their profession.


You’re Qualified for several Positions. 

As a certified lash technician, you’ll be considered a highly qualified individual by eyelash professionals because your knowledge of the industry and expertise in applying false lashes will make you stand out from most other applicants.


It’s Easy to Get Started 

If you buy a kit or some equipment and can find the appropriate salon or spa, you can get started with no problem. A certified lash technician only needs access to false lashes, lash glue, and how to apply them. Think about it; as long as you have these four things, you’re good!


You Earn Commission 

Whether you work for a salon or yourself, you are paid by the hour or by the sale. Salon owners usually pay a flat rate per day, which can be anywhere from $25 to $150 per day. You’ll also get a commission on sales that you make every month.


It’s Easy to Travel 

If you like traveling and have spare money, this could be your dream job. Certified lash technicians who work for themselves can travel all over, but sometimes they may run into problems in foreign countries if they don’t speak the language fluently or know all the tourist sites they want to visit during their travels.


You Have the Opportunity to Work as Part of a Team 

What Benefits of Becoming a Certified Lash Tech

Becoming a certified lash technician could be a good choice if you’re an extrovert who likes working with other people. A certified lash technician usually works with other certified lash technicians, models, and staff at salons. So if you like talking to people and working with others, this job could be ideal for you.


You Have Flexible Hours 

Most lash technicians’ schedules involve working on weekends when people are most likely to visit salons or during school/business hours, depending on where they work.


You Can Set Your Hours 

You choose how many hours you want to work in a day and for how long. Some models may require more lashes than others, so you might have to stay longer at some salons. The beauty industry is very competitive, so if you’re not the type of person who likes to be cut off from your family or friends because you can’t afford to be away from them, this job could be a bad fit for you.


It Allows You to Work from Home 

Since you’re able to get started with no overhead cost, one of the best things about lash technician jobs is that you never have to worry about bills or overhead costs. You only have to pay for your food, housing, and clothing. So if you hate having a boss looking over your shoulder or listening in on your phone calls at home, this job can allow you to practice your values and beliefs.


You Get to Learn New Skills 

A certified lash technician gets to learn from experts in the industry on how to improve her skills and knowledge on different aspects of the job. As part of the certification process, you’re required to learn how to apply false lashes and perform other tasks by an instructor with much field experience. So if you like learning new things or want to become more knowledgeable about one or more subjects, becoming a certified lash technician can help you get down that path.


It Can Be a Full-Time or Part-Time Job 

You can choose to work for yourself and set your hours, or you can choose to work full-time hours at a salon. As part of the certification process, you’ll have to learn how to apply false lashes with an instructor, so it’s probably better that you get a full-time job to avoid distractions.


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