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What Should a Beginner Lash Tech Know?

What Should a Beginner Lash Tech Know

What Should a Beginner Lash Tech Know

If you’re starting as a lash tech, congratulations! The lash industry is rapidly growing and provides a fantastic opportunity to develop a thriving career and business. However, like any industry, there are certain things you need to know to get started. This article provides tips and advice to help you begin your journey as a successful lash tech.

What Should a Beginner Lash Tech Know
What Should a Beginner Lash Tech Know


Tips for Lash Tech Beginners

Invest in Quality Products

When it comes to lash products, you get what you pay for. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest options, investing in high-quality adhesives, lashes, and other tools will ensure that your clients are happy with the results and that you don’t run into any safety issues. Do your research and seek out reputable brands with good reviews to ensure you use safe and effective products.

Practice Makes Perfect 

As with any skill, practice is key to becoming a successful lash tech. Set aside time to practice your technique, taking note of areas where you may need improvement. Consider taking a class or workshop to learn new techniques and receive feedback from experienced instructors.

What Should a Beginner Lash Tech Know

Keep Your Tools Clean: 

Proper sanitation is essential in the lash industry to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection. Clean and disinfect all tools, including tweezers and lashes, before and after each use. Use disposable tools, such as adhesive palettes and mascara wands, and sanitize reusable tools with alcohol wipes or disinfectants.

Communication is Key: 

Good communication with your clients is essential to ensure they are comfortable and satisfied with the results. Take the time to discuss their preferences and any allergies or concerns that they may have. During the application process, let them know what you’re doing and ask for feedback to ensure they are happy with the results.

Stay Up-to-Date With Industry Trends – 

The lash industry constantly evolves, with new techniques and styles always emerging. Stay informed by attending industry events and taking classes or workshops to learn new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Follow other lash techs and industry influencers on social media to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s new and popular.

What Should a Beginner Lash Tech Know

Be Patient:

Building a successful lash business takes time and patience. It’s essential to build a loyal client base over time rather than expecting overnight success. Make sure to prioritize quality, safety, and client satisfaction in everything you do, and prioritize building relationships with your clients based on trust and excellence in service.

Build a Strong Online Presence: 

Social media is essential for building a brand, attracting new clients, and showcasing your work. Create a professional and consistent online presence by posting high-quality photos of your work and engaging with your followers. Consider running social media ads or partnering with influencers to reach a wider audience and attract new clients.



So, beginning your career as a lash tech can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it’s crucial to prioritize quality, safety, and client satisfaction in everything you do. By investing in high-quality products, practicing your technique, keeping your tools clean, communicating effectively with your clients, staying up-to-date with industry trends, being patient, and building a solid online presence, you’ll be on the right track to building a thriving lash business. With time, effort, and dedication, you can advance your skills, attract new clients, and create a brand you can be proud of. Good luck on your journey as a lash tech!


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